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G-Flat Shallow Diver

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G Flat Shallow

Weight 5/16 oz.

Length 2 1/4″ 

Depth 2-4′

The G-Flat Crankbait produces a tight wobbling action that comes through all types of shallow cover, and it works great when the water temperature is cold or when there is a lot of fishing pressure and the bass are finicky.

This Crankbait is designed to be a slow sinking model, causing the bait to slightly suspend when you pause your retrieve, which makes pressured fish absolutely slam this bait.

It has a circuit board lip and is hand-tuned to deliver the hard hunting balsa action that bass can’t resist, the G-Flat Crankbait triggers reaction strikes when other crankbaits simply cannot. 

G-Flat Shallow Diver LURES

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