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Weight 7/16 oz

Length 2 1/2″

Depth 8-9 ft

The Black Label Balsa K II is built primarily for the purpose of having a deeper diving bait with the heavy thumping vibration and feel typically found in a shallower running squarebill.

The Black Label Balsa K II Custom Balsa Crankbait is a great bait for when fish get a little deeper than you can reach with a squarebill, but are still relating to cover that you would typically use a squarebill design in.

This bait excels in wood and rock cover and is an excellent choice when fishing steeper banks, deeper laydowns, isolated wood cover such as brush piles or stumps and timber, as well as rock of any kind.

The Black Label K II also features an old school design lead tuning button in the lip helping keep a bait with a larger lip such as this one tuned much better.



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