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Sweetheart MR

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Weight 1/4 oz

Length 1 7/8 inches

Depth 4 to 5′

The Black Label Balsa Sweetheart MR (mid depth runner) is built to carry the ever-popular design of the Black Label Prowler MR into a smaller class of baits. The Prowler MR has been such a great bait but often times is just a little bit on the large size.

The Sweetheart MR offers a very similar action in a scaled down version of the same lip design. The Sweetheart MR is going to be perfect when fish are keying in on small forage but using a slightly deeper depth than most small crankbaits will reach.

This hybrid lip design helps the bait maintain great bottom contact without blowing out and also allows the bait to be fished well thru any type of hard cover. The Sweetheart MR is built with a custom cut Lexan bill which will aid in the durability of the lip when fishing it on hard bottoms like rock or gravel. This bait excels anytime you want a smaller profile with a few extra feet of diving depth.

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