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Weight 1/2 oz.

Length  2 7/8 inch

Depth 5 to 8 ft

The Black Label Seducer is something all anglers that like a larger profile crankbait need to take a closer look at. Coming in just under 3 inches long and weighing 1/2 oz., the Seducer definitely offers a full size meal to a hungry bass. The difference in the Seducer and most larger squarebill crankbaits is the unique custom cut lip design the Seducer contains.

This unique lip design helps calm the Seducer down compared to say a Bully from a vibration and body roll standpoint. These softer features make the Seducer much more suited for clearer water and very pressured fishing conditions. Built with a durable poly lip and stainless steel line tie, the Seducer is perfect for fishing all types of shallow cover. The Seducer also is built with 3D eyes for added realism.

“I love to throw big baits on lakes that offer larger forage for fish to key on and have always felt there was a need for a softer action larger profile crankbait. After working on several different body and lip designs, I finally settled on the design that has, today, become the Seducer. This bait is going to be perfect in filling the need of a larger profile with a little less thump and vibration. ” ~Cliff Pace.

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