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Weight 7/16

Length 2 1/8

Depth 3 to 5 feet

Designed with a durable polymer lexan lip with a thru lip line tie design, the Black Label Balsa C-1 Balsa Crankbait will excel in shallow cover when you need just a little less vibration than the Wreck. The Black Label C-1 also features 3D eyes for a little added realism.

After having the Black Label Wreck for several years, Cliff felt there was a need for a slightly softer version of this ever popular design. That is what inspired the creation of the C-1. The C-1 is built with the same line tie thru lip design as the Wreck but features a slightly smaller lip and a slightly thinner body that creates a model that’s a little faster and a little tighter but still excels when climbing thru shallow cover.

The 3D eyes are also a nice touch but were mainly done by Cliff to create a noticeable difference between the two models. We have all encountered days on the water when conditions changed and felt like we needed just a slightly softer squarebill … and that is when it’s now time to tie on the C-1.

“The Black Label C-1 is a great bait for covering all types of shallow cover. Its slightly thinner body and slightly smaller lip create a little softer bait but without taking away from the bait’s ability to come through cover and have a super fast recovery after impact” ~ Cliff Pace.


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