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Black Label Shank 4.25"

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The Black Label Shank is hands down the perfect flipping/pitching bait. Made from a super-soft salt-based plastic and scented with our sweet smelling bass candy scent, the Black Label Shank delivers everything you could want from a compact beaver style bait.

Built with a smooth but realistic crawfish design body and tail appendages that can be left connected for a gliding action or separated to create more movement and a straighter fall on the sink, the Black Label Shank is super simple to rig and gives you a solid platform for flipping and pitching any type of cover. The Black Label Shank got its name based of the most popular hook design used in the bait….the straight shank flipping hook.

While making a great flipping bait, the Shank also can be used as a trailer on any skirted style bait such as jigs, bladed jigs, or even spinnerbaits. The Black Label Shank is everything you could ask for in a flipping/pitching/punching style bait.

Black Label Shank 4.25" LURES

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