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Weight 1/4 oz

Length 1 7/8 inches

Depth 2 to 3 ft

The Black Label Balsa Sweetheart is truly a one-of-a-kind unique design balsa bait. Featuring a wider but flatter sided body and a very unique custom shaped coffin bill hybrid lip, the Sweetheart offers something new and fresh to our overly pressured fisheries.

The combination of the body and hybrid coffin lip creates a small profile, shallow running crankbait that maintains a tighter action than most baits in its class. This tighter action can be very helpful when facing clearer water conditions or days on the water with little or no wind/cloud cover.

The Sweetheart is built with a custom cut Lexan poly bill which will aid in the durability of the lip when fishing it on hard bottoms like rock or gravel. This bait excels anytime you want a tighter action in a small snack size offering.

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