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Kill'r H-1 MR Round Bill

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 Kill’r H-1 MR Round Bill –

Weight 3/8 oz.

Length 2″

Depth 6 -7 ‘

 The John Hott Lures Kill’r H-1 MR Round Bill Crankbait is built after the old Bagley Kill’r B-1 Crankbait, but with a modified round bill. It has a round body with a polycarbonate narrow round bill and the line tie comes through the bill. John Hott built this crankbait to a have a tighter action than the original penny lip version of this bait. This crankbait will come through brush, laydowns, stumps and rocks very well. If you have been looking for a crankbait that is built, looks and fishes like the old Bagley Kill’r B-1, with a tighter action, you have found it with this bait.

Kill'r H-1 MR Round Bill LURES

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