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Black Label Player Worm 6"

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Black Label Player Worm


       Dropshot fishing and sonar have gone hand in hand since the technique was developed in Japan and brought to American waters. This marriage has only seemingly gotten stronger with the advancements of forward facing sonar. We have all seen the increased effectiveness of finesse techniques over the last few years and can only expect the trend to grow with the amount of fishing pressure on the bodies of water we all enjoy.

The Black Label Player Worm was designed to be the perfect finesse worm to be used in this application. The slender fast tapering body shape combined with its unique bottom cupped tail makes the player worm have the most like-life action of any finesse worm available and also maximizes the baits overall action.

If you are looking for the perfect video game player worm, The Black Label Player Worm is the Player you have been seeking. Don’t limit this little worm to just the dropshot however, it also works great Texas rigged, on a shaky head, neko rigged, wacky rigged, Carolina rigged, and pretty much any finesse style technique.

Just like all Black Label soft baits, the Player is manufactured and packaged in house in an effort to have the absolute best possible quality control.

Comes packaged in a sealed

16 count package.

Black Label Player Worm 6" LURES

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