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Weight 5/16 oz

Length 2 1/4″

Depth¬† 5 to 6′

Bringing flat bait action to a round bill body design is what the Black Label Cricket is all about. The Cricket is a super fast action bait that has a very quick vibration and feel to it. Often times fish react the best to a bait that has a very fast action, and that is exactly what the Cricket offers.

Designed with a very pointy body and a poly penny lip, the Cricket might be one of the most natural shad-like swimming action balsa baits you have ever seen. The Cricket is perfect when wanting to show shallow water fish something just a little different … which can often be the key to success on the water. The Black Label Cricket is tight enough to use on the coldest of days and has enough vibration also to be a player in the warmer months.

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