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Fat Flat

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Weight 3/8 oz. 

Length 2 3/8 inches

Depth 7 to 9 ft

The Black Label Fat Flat is the answer if you’re looking for a tight action flat bait that also offers great castability and diving depth. It’s designed with a durable circuit board lip having the line tie coming thru the lip to ensure the bait stays as consistent as possible. Reaching a max depth of 9 foot is also a special feature of the Fat Flat, as most flat sides will not come close to that depth range.

The Fat Flat is going to be a great spring/winter time bait without question, but will be an overlooked gem in the early summer with fish that are on shallow offshore cover and have seen enough of your typical crankbaits. After having many anglers request a larger version of the ever popular Little Cliffie model, the Fat Flat is finally here to fill that void.

“The Black Label Fat Flat is a the perfect flat side crankbait for an angler that gets frustrated at trying to cast and fish a flat side bait that is very light and hard to get into a deeper strike zone. This model is designed to solve all those problems. . .  extremely helpful when faced with windy days that can often make fishing a traditional flat side design very hard. The Fat Flat is going to make it much less frustrating. ” ~ Cliff Pace.

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