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Black Label Player Shad 3"

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Black Label Player Shad 3″

The Black Label Player is absolutely the closest thing one can get to mother nature herself when looking for a soft plastic bait that matches a small shad. Modeled after a true live threadfin shad, the Player offers several features to aid in its ability to mimic a shad as close as humanly possible.

Starting with a very realistic head profile that is just wide enough to carry a jighead, the Player flows into a beautiful scaled life-like body that not only looks like a shad but even has a shad like feel to it. The Player features a super thin, highly detailed tail section that will move and quiver with the slightest influence. The side of the Black Label Player also carries a V-shaped line down each side that helps transmit movements from the jighead back to the tail section causing the tail to have a very life-like subtle action.

The Player also has two added rings between the body and tail to help add resistance to the bait as it is fished in open water. All these features combined sets the Player in a class of its own in the world of shad imitation profile baits.

The Black Label Player gets its name from the fact that it was truly designed for the video game player angler. The Player is tailor made for any aspect of forward facing sonar, as well as, vertical sonar fishing. The player can also be rigged many other ways such as a drop shot, micro bladed jig trailer, and hover style rigging.

If you are looking for the perfect video game player bait, The Black Label Player is the Player you have been seeking.

Just like all Black Label soft baits, the Player is manufactured and packaged in house in an effort to have the absolute best possible quality control.

Comes packaged in a sealed 8 count package.

Black Label Player Shad 3" LURES

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