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Weight 1.25 oz.

Length 6 1/2″

Cliff designed and built the HollyWOOD to offer a smaller, realistic, easy-to-use glide bait option for open water fishing.  The Black Label HollyWOOD is the perfect size and profile, for not only catching giants, but also still appealing to somewhat smaller tournament grade fish.

The HollyWOOD is ideal for fishing shallow around cover or over grass, as well as, fishing offshore calling up fish that may be suspended or in offshore cover. Built to be as versatile as possible, the HollyWOOD can be fished slow with a wide deliberate gliding action or faster to create more of a skittering fleeing baitfish presentation. The sink rate of HollyWOOD is 1 to 2 feet per second.

Due to the fact these are handmade from wood, the sink rate could vary slightly, but know each Hollywood has been individually tested to be sure it has a good glide action.

Best action can be achieved with the Hollywood by using the reel to engage the bait and not the rod. 


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