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Rattling Peanut

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Weight: 1/4 oz

Length: 1 7/8″

Depth: 4-5 ft

The Rattling Peanut is the same as the Black Label Peanut in every way, except it is built with an internal single ticking glass rattle. The Rattling Peanut is built after the WEC Mutt crankbait that the late Ed chambers built but with a couple of tweaks from the Bass Master Classic Champion Cliff Pace.

The Rattling Peanut has a circuit board thumbnail bill with the line tie coming through the bill like the Mutt and has the same desirable wobble as the WEC Mutt, but the Rattling Peanut has a slightly thicker body. The shoulders and belly of the peanut are more rounded off.

The Rattling Peanut really shines once bottom contact is made.  It has a very desirable hunting action as it digs along the bottom. The Black Label Balsa Rattling Peanut is everything you want in a small flat sided balsa crankbait and it will absolutely smoke’em.

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