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Prowler Flat

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Weight 3/8 oz

Length 2 3/8 inches

Depth 3 to 4′

There is just something about a squarebill design when it comes to crankbaits, and the Black Label Prowler Flat is now bringing the squarebill design into the flat bait design. The durable poly squarebill lip helps create a flat bait that will come thru wood cover better than the typical round bill flat sides do.

It also creates a different flash and vibration than the traditional round body squarebill baits making it perfect for anglers looking to show those bass something a little different. The Black Label Balsa Prowler Flat squarebill is built to cover all types of cover in the 3 to 4 ft range and even a little beyond with lighter line.

“The Black Label Prowler Flat is a great bait for covering shallow water when you’re wanting a softer action flat-sided design with the added benefit that the squarebill lip provides while fishing in cover.” ~ Cliff Pace.

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