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Dinky Donker Super Shallow Runner

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Dinky Donker SSR

Depth 1 to 1 1/2 feet

Length 2 1/2″ long

Thickness 3/8″

Weight 3/8 oz. 

The Tim Earick Buck Creek Lures – Dinky Donker SSR – Custom Balsa Crankbait has a circuit Board thumbnail bill that gives this bait a medium wobble. This crankbait is designed to be a multi purpose bait. It can be fished extremely shallow in 1 to 2 feet of water around brush and rock or it can also be used as a wake bait. This is an extremely versatile crankbait that should be in every serious bass anglers box of weapons. This crankbait works amazingly well year around at getting pressured finicky bass to feed. 

Dinky Donker Super Shallow Runner LURES


Tim Z.
Virginia Beach, VA
Man I love those Black Label Balsa Hicksters!  The bass in the bay here love them! Best new bait I’ve bought this year. Very loud and gets a…
Ned G.
Mercer, Pennsylvania
I don’t ever write reviews but here it goes… I love throwing a square bill! Caught a lot of fish on them and won a lot of money …
Keith L.
New Bern, NC
Killer squarebills comes through cover really good and it’s also really durable little.  Some can be a bit pricey, but definitely worth it! …
Corey A.
Orlando, FL
The Flat Maxx has become my favorite crankbait… PERIOD!  It catches all kinds of fish and trolls as well as it casts.

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