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The Wood Bait Country sun buff/neck gator is Lightweight, soft, and comfortable. This 100% Polyester sun protector is the most versatile head and neckwear on the planet and can morph into 12 different stylish applications in seconds. It keeps you warm in the winter, and cool in the summer, all while offering protection from 95% of dangerous UV rays. Designed for multiple uses, the Wood Bait Country sun buff/neck gator is great for those long days out on the lake.


Ned G.
Mercer, Pennsylvania
I don’t ever write reviews but here it goes… I love throwing a square bill! Caught a lot of fish on them and won a lot of money …
Tim Z.
Virginia Beach, VA
Man I love those Black Label Balsa Hicksters!  The bass in the bay here love them! Best new bait I’ve bought this year. Very loud and gets a…
Corey A.
Orlando, FL
The Flat Maxx has become my favorite crankbait… PERIOD!  It catches all kinds of fish and trolls as well as it casts.
Keith L.
New Bern, NC
Killer squarebills comes through cover really good and it’s also really durable little.  Some can be a bit pricey, but definitely worth it! …

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