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Black Label CP Craw 3.75"

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The CP Craw was designed to be a super multifunctioning soft bait.  Made from a super-soft, salt-based plastic and scented with our sweet smelling bass candy scent, the CP Craw is perfect for a multitude of applications.

Built with a sexy realistic slender crawfish body and twin swimming tails that move and swim with the slightest twitch, the CP Craw is money when rigged alone, as a trailer on any jig, a great bladed jig trailer, and is perfect for a finesse buzz-bait body. The CP Craw also has a slightly wedged-out beefy head making it hold a hook better when Texas rigged and stay in place better when used as a trailer.

The slender body combined with the slightly beefed up head also makes the CP Craw an outstanding choice for punching or flipping into tight thick cover. Built with power fishing in mind, the CP Craw also offers enough body length to handle larger size straight shank flipping hooks.

Black Label CP Craw 3.75" LURES

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