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Weight 3/8 oz

Length 2 1/2″

Depth 9′

The Razor features a rounded clear lexan lip and is constructed with the line tie coming through the lip to help the bait stay tuned better.   The Razor is a great bait for fishing all types of shallow cover from gravel or rocks, outside edges of grass lines and isolated wood cover such as stumps.

Because of its overall body shape and design, the Razor offers a very realistic and natural swimming action.  It is an excellent choice when you want a bait with natural profile body and swimming action for covering water in the 9 ft range and less.

The  Black Label Balsa Razor has a very natural swimming action making it an great choice for clear water and has enough vibration to make it well suited for water that has some stain.

The Razor is going to excel in the cooler months of the year from fall to spring.   Weighing in at 3/8 oz. and 2 1/2” long, it is heavy enough to cast on casting gear but can also be fished well on spinning tackle with lighter line.



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