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Rock Hound Signature Series

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Rock Hound

Weight 1/2 oz.

Length 2 1/8″

Depth 9-14′

Every Black Label Balsa Signature Series Bait is signed and dated with the year it was made by Cliff Pace.

The Rockhound was purposely built to do exactly what its name says– hunt around on hard, rocky type bottoms imitating a crawfish. This design offers a unique blend of hunting action with the ability to continue to dig into the bottom, kicking up enough disturbance to draw the interest of any nearby fish. 

The Black Label Balsa Rockhound is built with a custom cut lexan bill. The lexan material was chosen over circuit board to provide better durability when fished on hard rocky bottoms. This bait excels on any type of hard bottom from boulder size rock all the way down to pea gravel often found on flats. 

The Black Label Rock Hound also features an old school design lead tuning button in the lip helping keep a bait with a larger lip such as this one tuned much better. 

Rock Hound Signature Series LURES

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