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Weight 3/8 oz

Length 2 1/8 “

Depth 6-7′

The Black Label Badger was designed to be the perfect smaller profile mid-depth balsa crankbait.  Constructed with  a durable polymer lexan lip with a thru lip line tie design, the Black Label Badger Balsa Crankbait is built to cover all types of cover in the 6 to 7 ft range and even a little beyond with lighter line.

When designing this model, Cliff was wanting a bait that would fit the need of a middle of the road crankbait – A bait that had a moderate size, moderate vibration and moderate tail kick. This middle of the road design concept delivers a finished bait that can be effective basically year around and in almost all types of cover be it rocks, wood, grass edges, or just clean clay or gravel banks. It also is a bait that can excel in clearer as well as more stained water conditions.

“The Black Label Badger is a great bait for covering all types of cover. It has a smaller shape and a semi-fast vibration which makes it effective in cooler as well as warmer water temps. If you’re looking  for smaller profile,  mid-depth hand made balsa bait that can be fished year round, the Black Label Badger is the answer,” ~ Cliff Pace.

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