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Black Label Hollow Point Finesse 5.7"

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The Black Label Hollow Point Finesse worm was designed to create the maximum amount of action possible in a straight tail worm shape but in a scaled down size. Built with a solid nose and body that tapers into a  hollowed out cavity on the bottom that leads into a fast tapering needle type tail, the Hollow Point Finesse will move and quiver unlike any worm on the market at the slightest twitch.

The unique tail design lets the Hollow Point Finesse move even when a fish swims up to it and pushes water onto the worm. Even if the worm is motionless the tail will still move as a fish approaches. At 5.7 inches in length the Hollow Point Finesse is big enough to create a meaty profile but small enough to still be used in finesse style presentations. The Hollow Point Finesse can be rigged in a endless amount of ways such as Texas rig, Shakey Head, Wacky rig, Neko Rig, Carolina Rig, Drop Shot, and the list goes on and on.

“When fishing clear water, todays highly pressured bass get a lot of time to inspect any finesse style presentation. The Hollow Point Finesse’s design and tail move so natural and easy, it is the perfect worm to turn a curious fish into a bite” Cliff Pace

Black Label Hollow Point Finesse 5.7" LURES

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