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Shiver 7

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Shiver 7

Weight 7/16 oz.

Length 2 3/8″

Depth 6-8′

The Black Label Balsa Shiver 7 is designed with a tapered body that helps the bait be more aerodynamic causing a better overall casting bait.  The Black Label Balsa Shiver 7 has a fast, tight action and is going to be a great choice for colder water, as well as, high pressured fishing situations in clearer water.

The Shiver 7 is built with a custom cut lexan bill which will aid in the durability of the lip when fishing it on hard bottoms like rock or gravel. This bait excels anytime you want a tight action design that can get down a little deeper than most other tight action baits of its size. From fishing drains and channel swing banks in the pre-spawn, to outside grass lines in the fall, the Shiver 7 will absolutely catch ’em. 

 The Black Label Shiver 7 also features an old school design lead tuning button in the lip helping keep a bait with a larger lip such as this one tuned much better.


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