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Battle Toad

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Weight 1/2 oz

Length 2 1/2″ 

The Battle Toad is built purposely in a way to help prevent the bait from spinning or laying on its side during the retrieve. This is a problem with so many other plopper style baits. The Black Label Battle Toad is a great topwater bait for covering lots of water in a short period of time but also can be stopped and twitched in place in high percentage areas of the cast.

Has the durability to withstand bone-crushing blow-ups. The Black Label Battle Toad also features a stainless steel wire design that is seated in a rivet to help the overall design be more durable.  The Black Label Balsa Battle Toad delivers premium topwater performance that you just can’t get with mass-produced baits.

The Black Label Battle Toad combines traditional balsa wood appeal, serious surface disruption, and precision craftsmanship to create the ultimate unique topwater weapon.

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