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Weight 1/2 oz.

Length 2 3/4″

Depth 10-12′

The Black Label Balsa Tapout expands the popular Black Label family with a larger 2 3/4″ body style featuring a coffin bill lip design. The Black Label Balsa Tapout is a tighter action, deep diving crankbait.

One thing that stands out about the Tapout is the fact that it is truly a great wintertime AND summertime bait. When you need a deeper diving tight action bait in the colder months, the Tapout is a great choice, as well as when you want to show those summer time off shore fish a different action than most of your typical harder vibrating, wider action, deep diving plugs. 

The combination of  body design, coffin bill, and weight placement in the Tapout causes the bait to excels in wood and rock. This overall design gives the  Tapout a very good reverse float that helps it back out of cover such as brush piles.

The Tapout is built with a custom cut lexan bill to offer maximum durability and deflection off of cover. The Tapout is a very versatile bait and an excellent choice when fishing steeper banks, deeper laydowns, isolated wood cover such as brush piles or stumps and timber, as well as rock of any kind and points, ledges , shell beds and any other type of offshore structure. 

The Black Label Tapout also features an old school design lead tuning button in the lip helping keep a bait with a larger lip, such as this one, tuned much better. 


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