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300 Proof

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Weight 5/8 oz

Length 2 3/4″

Depth 12-14 ft

The Black Label Balsa – 300 Proof is built with summertime offshore cranking in mind. Designed with a custom cut lexan spoonbill shaped lip, the 300 Proof delivers great castability, fast diving, and somewhat of a more subtle action and vibration than most other baits in its class. The 300 Proof was also designed to not pull overly hard… making it easier to fish with all day without totally wearing yourself out.  The balsa body delivers a great fast flotation quality that helps the bait free itself from any cover it comes in contact with. The 300 Proof is the perfect crankbait for fishing points, channel drops, shell beds, brush piles, flooded timber, rockpiles, ledges, and any other offshore cover you may find.  The Black Label 300 Proof also features an old school design lead tuning button in the lip helping keep a bait with a larger lip, such as this one, tuned much better and stay tuned much longer.


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