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Black Label Balsa is owned and operated by MLF Pro tour winner and Bassmaster Classic Champion Cliff Pace. Cliff builds, hand paints and hand tunes every bait that leaves the Black Label Balsa shop in south Mississippi. You can be assured that every bait is touched by Cliff Pace, himself.

Fishing and fishing lures became an obsessions of Cliff’s at a very early age.  The sport of bass fishing itself has always been very appealing to him because it’s a process that is never the same from one day to the next.  It is an ongoing puzzle, always shifting and changing, and he loves the challenge of figuring it out.

Cliff became very interested in building his own lures around the age of 15.  Catching a fish on a lure he built himself gave him great satisfaction and accomplishment. It also gave him something to do when he couldn’t be on the water.   It was also a way he could build baits that wasn’t available.

It gave him the ability to make something that was perfect in his eyes for the situation he intended to use it, whether that be lead-based lures or balsa baits.

The first balsa baits Cliff Pace ever built was for his senior project in high school.  Those original baits, as crude as they were, are the origin of what is now Black Label Balsa.

Cliff feels very blessed for the competitive and business success that he has experienced in his lifetime. He finds great satisfaction in other anglers telling him how much they like the products and hearing their success stories. Cliff is very appreciative and honored to have your business and allow him to share your day on the by choosing to use a Black Label Balsa product.

Black Label Hand-made Balsa Baits LURES

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