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Black Label Custom Soft Plastics – Piglet 5″ – Junebug 8ct

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Black Label Custom Soft Plastics – Piglet 5″ – Junebug 8ct


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Black Label Piglet



 The Black Label Piglet was designed to be a super multifunctioning soft bait.  Made from a super-soft, salt-based plastic and scented with our sweet smelling bass candy scent, the Piglet is perfect when you want a meatier profile but compact size creature-style bait.

Built with a wider but flat shaped main body with creature bait style appendages, the Piglet offers a lot of benefits to a standard creature bait design. The larger profile body helps the bait's performance in  many ways.  For one, it allows the use of a larger hook if desired. It helps the bait become more stable, reducing the baits desire to want to twist and spin when sinking or retrieving, and it also adds weight to the overall bait making it much easer to pitch or flip accurately when rigged with a lighter weight.

The Piglet's larger profile  body also helps the bait produce a larger overall profile while still maintaining its compact 5 inch size. The Piglet is just simply a great profile bait that will get bites in basically any situation. It can be rigged in a multitude of set-ups such as Texas Rig, Carolina Rig, wobble-head,  and even makes a great cut down trailer for any skirted bait. The meatier body combined with the compact size and profile delivers the ultimate get-a-bite presentation.

Just like all Black Label soft baits, the Piglet is manufactured and packaged in house in an effort to have the absolute best possible quality control.

Comes packaged in a sealed 8 count package.

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