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Tim Earick’s Buck Creek Lures – Dinky Donker SB – Custom Balsa Squarebill – Chartreuse Lime Back

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Tim Earick’s Buck Creek Lures – Dinky Donker SB – Custom Balsa Squarebill – Chartreuse Lime Back


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This is a new Buck Creek Lures - Dinky Donker SB - Custom Balsa Squarebill Crankbait. This crankbait is in the Chartreuse Lime Back color. It will dive 3 to 5 feet, it is 2 1/2" long, 3/8" thick and weighs 3/8 oz. All Buck Creek Lures are tested and hand tuned by Tim Earick on his dock on the Tennessee River. On occasion he will catch a fish during the testing and tuning process, so you may receive a bait that has teeth marks in the clear coat. Please understand that the bait is still considered new, the teeth marks are a result of the testing and hand tuning process. The Buck Creek Lures - Dinky Donker SB - Custom Balsa Squarebill Crankbait has a circuit fiber Squarebill that gives this bait a wide wobble. It comes through wood, brush and rock extremely well. If you are looking for a flat sided crankbait with a wide wobble that will come through cover like a dream this is the bait you've been looking for. All Buck Creek Lures are custom made in Kingston, TN by Tim Earick. Their Mission is to provide the best custom Hand Crafted Balsa Flat Sided Crankbaits on the Market, and they've accomplished just that! Once you get these baits in your hand you will understand why. A perfect mix of design, color, balance, and action is used to create a Balsa Wood Flat-sided Crankbait that bass simply cannot resist. Each balsa blank is planed to the exact same dimensions prior to cutting out the lures. Each lure is then implanted with a precision weight to allow buoyancy, yet allow the bait to still dive. Every Buck Creek Lure is sealed prior to painting and dipped several times in the best professional lure coating available on the market. Tim Earick then intricately hand paints each lure with Paint schemes he has spent years mastering. The Eyes are then dotted on each bait by hand. Every bait is singed by Tim Earick on the bill. Once the Bronze #6 Mustad hooks are placed on the lure, Owner Tim Earick tunes and test each lure straight from his dock on the TN River. Tim is a perfectionist and it shows in his baits. All Buck Creek Lures are made by hand out of premium balsa wood by Tim Earick. Since this bait is custom built and painted by hand there could be minor differences in the paint between one bait and another of the same type and color, so please understand that this bait was built and painted by hand, one at a time. So there could be a slight color variation from the bait pictured and the bait you receive.


Tim Z.
Virginia Beach, VA
Man I love those Black Label Balsa Hicksters!  The bass in the bay here love them! Best new bait I’ve bought this year. Very loud and gets a…
Ned G.
Mercer, Pennsylvania
I don’t ever write reviews but here it goes… I love throwing a square bill! Caught a lot of fish on them and won a lot of money …
Corey A.
Orlando, FL
The Flat Maxx has become my favorite crankbait… PERIOD!  It catches all kinds of fish and trolls as well as it casts.
Keith L.
New Bern, NC
Killer squarebills comes through cover really good and it’s also really durable little.  Some can be a bit pricey, but definitely worth it! …

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