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The PH Custom Lures – Hickey P – Custom Balsa Crankbait is built after a very popular and highly sought after crankbait that is no longer made called a WEC Hicky, the WEC Hicky was made by the late Ed Chambers, the founder of Zoom Bait Co. and W.E.C. Crankbaits. Phil Hunt with PH Custom Lures has had many requests to replicate the WEC Hicky, so Phil decided to build it and  offer it to the public once again. The Hickey P is a flat bait with a small profile and a very tight vibration that just flat catches fish in cold water and high pressure situations. It offers a downsized profile that has a very tight action, the PH Custom Lures Hickey P Crankbait is a snack-sized crankbait that will generate bites in ultra tough conditions when nothing else will. Hand carved from premium balsa wood and completely silent by design, the PH Custom Lures Hickey P Crankbait features flat sides and a thumbnail circuit board lip, which work together to create a very tight vibrating action that no bass can resist. Perfect for cold water scenarios or highly pressured finicky fish, the PH Custom Lures Hickey P Crankbait offers a realistic shad profile that simply out fishes loud and overbearing plastic crankbaits. All PH Custom Lures Balsa Crankbaits are painstakingly detailed, they are covered with a clear coat, primer, paint, and an additional clear coat to reduce swelling and cracking. They are fitted with a durable circuit board lip, stainless steel line ties and hook hangers, which makes all PH Custom Lures Crankbaits have incredible strength and they hold-up to big fish and rough terrain. All PH Custom Lures Balsa Crankbaits are hand-tuned prior to leaving the shop, so they are ready to fish right out of the package. This crankbait is incredibly detailed from end-to-end, all PH Custom Lures Balsa Crankbaits features an intricate, hand-painted finish that owner and creator, Phil Hunt, has spent years perfecting. Well-known among top FLW Pro Tour, Bassmasters Elite Series and MLF Pro Tour anglers, all PH Custom Lures deliver tournament-grade performance that is proven to cash checks.

The PH Custom Lures – Hickey P – Custom Balsa Crankbait weighs 3/8 oz. and is 2 1/2″ long. This crankbait will dive 2 to 4 feet.

Hickey P LURES


Ned Griffith
Mercer, Pennsylvania
I don’t ever write reviews but here it goes… I love throwing a square bill! Caught a lot of fish on them and won a lot of money …
Corey Anderson
Orlando, FL
The Flat Maxx has become my favorite crankbait… PERIOD!  It catches all kinds of fish and trolls as well as it casts.
Tim Zimmerman
Virginia Beach, VA
Man I love those Black Label Balsa Hicksters!  The bass in the bay here love them! Best new bait I’ve bought this year. Very loud and gets a…
Keith Lockwood
Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
Killer squarebills comes through cover really good and it’s also really durable little.  Some can be a bit pricey, but definitely worth it! …

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